Child Prodigy

Articles – 1. How to Spot a Child Prodigy

A child prodigy demonstrates an unusual degree of intelligence and skill at a young age. Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart won fame as a prodigy when he wrote his first musical composition at age five. Check out the following list for ways you can spot a child prodigy.

1. Notice that child prodigies can reason abstractly. A prodigy can point out flaws in an argument or theory, and consider many interpretations of an issue. They are highly curious and have a seemingly endless ability to ask questions.

2. Understand that a child prodigy can perceive ideas in metaphors and symbols. Highly gifted children process information quickly and can relate emphatically to others. They don’t see the world only in terms of their own needs and feelings. Spot a gifted child by their greatly developed sense of fairness.

3. Spot a young musical prodigy by their tireless ability to practice. Child music prodigies show mastery of their chosen instrument in grade school, and can read music and memorize compositions expertly before reaching adolescence. Pianist Glenn Gould first composed at age five. Songwriter Tori Amos began playing piano at four and gained admittance into a prestigious conservatory a few years later.

4. Ignore the sole use of IQ as a factor in spotting a child prodigy. Intelligence tests can gauge logic and mathematical skills, but aren’t equipped to detect a musical or artistic prodigy.

5. Know that innate talent and environment work together to create a child prodigy. Upbringing and personality as well as heredity factor into the formation of a child prodigy. A child prodigy tends to have at least one parent with a highly developed academic or creative background.

6. Realize that child prodigies possess excellent memories. Their attention to detail and ability to retain facts and images eclipses that of most adults.

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