Bright Babies (6 - 12 Months)

The Toddler Program Is Suitable For Children Of 6-12 Months

Age :(6 – 18 months)

Child to caregiver and helper Ratio : 5:1:1

Activities to be conducted all day long at regular intervals

Environment for Bright Babies: Activity Room, Nap Room , Lunch Room, Nursing area for mother, Diaper changing station.

The bright babies is a colourful environment with lot of scope for visual stimulation & tactile exploration. The room is designed with a theme, eye-tracking black & white stickers, touch boards, mirror etc. The area also encourages crawling movement.

Bright Babies Program :

The aim of this program is to provide an ultimate care for babies. The activities in the program are based on baby’s senses.

The program revolves around:

  • Sensory exploration. (Focus on visual, auditory & tactile sense)
  • Music. (Gross motor & social skills)
  • Developmental toy activities. (Fine motor & cognitive development)
  • Language.
  • Daily routine.
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