Inquisitive Toddler I (1 – 2 Years)

The Toddler Program Is Suitable For Children Of 1 – 2 Years

Age :(1 – 2 Years)

Child to caregiver and Helper Ratio : 8:1:1

Duration : ( 3 hrs)

Environment : Activity Room, Nap Room, Diaper Changing Station & Lunch Room.

The IT 1 environment stimulates curiosity in a child. The room is designed with a theme. The shelves are at the children’s eye level to encourage them to choose their own toys. An interesting area in the room is the busy board that aids in fine motor skill development of the baby. The room is also equipped with a television and audio system, which engages children in music & rhythm.

Program :

We will have activities that enhance the Childs creativity and imagination, encourage flexible thinking.

Activities on exploring things around them.

  • Hands on Everything
  • Emptying and filling
  • Gaining physical prowess
  • Exploring the environment



Activities on socialization, language & Numeracy.

  • Feelings
  • Vocabulary enrichment.
  • Numerical development (Recognizing, counting & sorting)
  • Making Friends.

Activities enhance creativity

  • Fun with Toys
  • Pretend plays.
  • Art (Using crayons & colours)
  • Music & rhythm.
  • Story Time with Puppets.

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