Implementing game-based learning in the preschool classroom by teachers

Creative expression through game learning sets up an environment in the preschool classroom that creates an opportunity for students to play, learn and express themselves to learn concepts through games to encourage perseverance in the process of learning and discover a positive vibe between kids and teachers. 

Some of the interesting games to try with the tiny tots in the preschool classroom are:

Colour mix game: The children can mix the primary colours like red, blue, green to discover the secondary colours like red, yellow, orange with the child safe colours and have fun playing the game of mixing the colours. This is also a great game to develop fine motor skills and also learn about creating new colours through games within the classroom. 

Scavenger hunt for the letter game: The teacher can scatter the objects for the letter sound around the classroom to play “Go on a hunt” game and the kids can go looking for the objects to be matched with the letter to be placed on the letter by saying the sound. The game encourages preschoolers to play in groups to find the objects to make it a fun time through these games.

Count the eggs game: The kindergarten children can play the number game by running between the nest and the egg basket. The teacher places the nest with the number in front of the nest and keeps the eggs in the basket (made by crushing the paper) in the nest to play the game. The Children look at the number written in front of the nest and run to the basket to pick the same number of eggs to place it in the nest. Number counting can be made fun by playing games in the kindergarten classroom.

Animal Game: Learning about animals can be made fun by playing games in the preschool classroom as well. One child is given a mask of a foal( baby)to be worn and asked to gallop to the mare(mother). The other game can be the “Shepherd” game. One student is chosen to sit on  the teacher’s chair to watch over the flock of sheep.Whoever they choose as the quietest sheep gets to become the next shepherd.

Farmer Market Game: Preschool classrooms can set up a market.  A few children can become the vendors to sell vegetables and fruits and a few can play the role of customers in a shop-like set-up. They can have the paper currency printouts to do the trading. With this real market-like set-up, children will not only learn the names of the vegetables and fruits but also learn counting the numbers by handling the paper money that would further help them in real world situations. 

Outdoor nature game: Children can go to the nearby park with the little bags made with the chart paper to walk around and find the twigs, leaves, seeds, flowers etc, collect them in the bags to make a collage in the classroom. Preschoolers learn the names of the objects they have collected and also have fun finding the objects to make it a fun filled game activity.

Make your own snack: Preschoolers can be taught to prepare their own simple snacks to eat in the classroom. Different fruits can be cut by the teacher or cut fruits can be brought to prepare a fruit salad. Children can mix the fruits in a bowl with chat masala and a bit of sugar to make a fruit salad. By doing this activity, children enjoy eating what they have prepared themselves and also help them to develop healthy eating habits.

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