Shyam R Seshadri

This is Shyam, Daksha’s father. The feedback about Elly Child Care is given below.

As far as our relation with Elly Child Care goes, it has always been a positive one. Daksha’s teachers and auntie’s have been very loving and caring. Right from her first day, she has always felt happy at the school. All the staff at Elly Child Care have been very polite and receptive.

The level of hygiene maintained at Elly Child Care is very good and Daksha has never had hygiene related sickness at the school.

As far as learning is concerned, we are happy with the way Daksha has grown up. The level of knowledge she has attained is very good. We have been happy to see the activities she has done at the school.

There are some areas of improvement for Elly Child Care. IF you could engage the kids in some extracurricular activities like dance, music, etc., it will be very nice.