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The Daycare that Cares.

Growing minds in a loving and safe environment.


is Elly Child Care?

Elly Child Care is a leading crèche and daycare service specially designed for Corporates, offering high-quality care for the children of their employees. We create a nurturing environment and a well-rounded experience that goes beyond simple supervision. Children at Elly Child Care are excited about their time at daycare because not only are they cared for, but are also engaged by the incorporation of age-appropriate activities and play-based learning.

Elly Child Care helps both businesses and employees thrive by providing the valuable benefit of on-site childcare solutions. Elly Child Care creates a win-win situation for both corporates and working professionals.
  • On-site childcare solution
  • Specifically designed for Corporates
  • Unique child-focused safe space
  • Offers structured programs
  • More than just supervision

Our corporate


Age Appropriate Programs

Beyond Daycare

Bright Babies

6-12 months


18 Months+


2 year+



Modern Infrastructure

Relevant Accreditations and Training

Hygiene and Safety

Trained Staff

Hygiene and Safety

Trained Staff

Age Appropriate Engagement

Nurturing and Safe Environment

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