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Elly Child Care is more than a traditional childcare facility that provides basic supervision and playtime. Engaging children effectively during their foundational years (birth to around 8) is crucial. It’s not just about keeping them occupied; it’s about laying the groundwork for their future development, which is where our expertise lies.

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At Elly Child Care, we keep parents informed with real-time updates. From meal consumption and diaper changes to sleep duration, parents receive instant notifications, ensuring they are always in the loop.

Infrastructure Designed for

Learning and Play

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At Elly Child Care, our infrastructure is meticulously designed to ensure children of all age groups are immersed in age-appropriate learning activities that support their growth and developmental journey. Our facilities are crafted to provide enriching experiences that cater to each child’s stage of learning and play.

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Elly Child Care’s curriculum emphasizes the development of neural connections crucial for cognitive growth through diverse and engaging early childhood experiences. Our approach integrates renowned educational methodologies to encourage exploration, critical thinking, and curiosity, laying a comprehensive foundation across key areas: Communication, Language & Literacy, Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts.



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