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Our Parents


Our Parents

Elly Child Care provides a secure, nurturing environment where your child thrives and reaches developmental milestones through engaging, age-appropriate activities. Our curriculum promotes intellectual, emotional, and social growth, allowing you to stay productive with the assurance that your child is receiving exceptional care nearby. We promise a caring experience with that extra touch your child deserves.

We are an important part of your workplace and are dedicated to nurturing the development of children while giving you peace of mind. We offer unique programs that blend early childhood education with creative play and social interaction. Our programs are designed to foster your child’s intellectual, emotional, and social development, all within a safe and stimulating environment.

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Did you know a child’s brain thrives on exploration? Every exciting experience strengthens the connections between brain cells, laying the foundation for future learning.

The curriculum at Elly Child Care uniquely fosters this development. It provides a rich and stimulating environment filled with diverse activities that engage different areas of your child’s brain. This program goes beyond traditional methods, incorporating a variety of approaches to spark curiosity and encourage critical thinking skills. Our dedicated caregivers and educators create a nurturing space where your child can explore, ask questions, and discover their full potential.

Numeracy & Literacy
Communication skills
Physical Development
Intellectual Development
Mathematics Development
Understanding the World


Elly Child Care

Where your Child Shines

Safety First:

Your child’s safety is guaranteed in our secure and nurturing environment.

Loving Care:

We don’t just watch over your children; we actively nurture their growth and happiness.

Engaging Activities:

Our age-appropriate activities are designed to stimulate and challenge, ensuring that your child is engaged and thriving.

Holistic Curriculum:

We adopt the best methodologies in early childhood education to promote intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Peace of Mind:

Stay focused and productive with the assurance that your child is nearby, receiving top-notch care

Elly’s Promise:

We deliver care with the extra touch that your child deserves, ensuring they are well-loved and supported.

Your child is safe and well cared for. Yes, that goes without saying!
BUT your child is ALSO, in a loving environment where they thrive and reach developmental milestones. Because we don’t just watch your children, we nurture them!
Children are engaged in age-appropriate activities ensuring that they are stimulated and challenged without being overwhelmed. 
Our curriculum is based on early childhood education’s best methodologies that encourage intellectual, emotional and social development
All this is happening while you are focused and productive, with the assurance that your child is just moments away, receiving exceptional care at our centre.
This is what Elly Child Care promises you. Care with the extra touch your child deserves!

Happy Child

Happy Family

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